CEO Jea Yel Song

  Welcome to the Internet Hompage of Gumchang

  Established in 1991, Gumchang is an OEM company of Hyundai · Kia Motors Group and is a manufacturer specializing in chassis and body items such as SEAT-related parts, hood hinges, trunk hinges, and door checkers. 

  Based on trust, humanitarian philosophy, order & freedom leadership under the management ideology of "Pay attention to the details in order to be recognized for the results", we continue to promote activities such as 'ZERO leftover food', No smoking, skipping rope, and reading mileage system to create a creative corporate culture. 

  As a result of continuous technology development, quality innovation and comprehensive management innovation activities, its expertise and technology were recognized by the parent company. Awarded the 'Single PPM Presidential prize' in 2001, the'Bronze Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit for Model Managers' in 2002, and was selected as the'supplier of the Year' in the management improvement category of Hyundai-Kia Motors Group in 2014, and in 2019. The CEO was awarded the Gold Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit, and in 2020, it was selected as the'supplier of the Year' in the new car development sector of the Hyundai-Kia Motors Group, establishing a firm position as a leading company in domestic body parts industry.

  we will continue to create the value customers want ahead of time, make the members of the organization feel pride and satisfaction, secure competitiveness through rapid response to changes and continuous innovation, and strive to become "GUMCHANG", a leader in the automotive body parts industry.

  I ask for your continued interest, encouragement and cooperation, and I wish you all the best in everything you do.

CEO Jea Yel Song

The Motto of a Company

ㆍProfit to the Company, Satisfaction to Employees, Service to the Public

Management Philosophy

ㆍPay attention to the details in order to be recognized for the results

Core Values

  • Employee
  • Providing a workplace with life goals
  • Management
  • training employees with the right basics of life and the needs of society
  • Company
  • Tools for the pursuit of human happiness
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  • CEO
    Jae Yel Song
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    9, Bonchongongdan 1-gil, Yeongcheon-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
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