Production Tooling

Production Tooling Design, Production, Quality Control
Gumchang has established a main and large-sized automated production tooling system for smooth product supply, quality enhancement, and cost reduction. We are making efforts to introduce more competitive products to the global market by introducing shuttle transfers for robot lines and major equipment.
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  • Press
    Various products are produced by processing such as bending, shearing, piercing, and cross-section shrinkage on raw materials (coils). By establishing an automated system, it is operating as an efficient production system such as robo transfer, shuttle transfer, and automatic mold replacement.
    1500ton / 1400ton / 1000ton / 600ton / T/D1000-800-600-400-400 / Press Etc
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  • Assembly
    The hinge of the mechanism part, which is the core of the body parts, is assembled and produced. We produce high quality products based on high productivity with our unique patented technology. The product quality is improved through automated inspection processes such as an automatic Fool-Proof system and HIVIS (High-Tech Integrated Vehicle Inspection System).
    Trunk Hinge Line / Hood Hinge Line / Tailgate Hinge Line / Door Checker Line
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  • Welding
    Stamped parts are assembled through various welding methods. The systematic production process has built up worker safety and high productivity.
    CO2 / SPOT / LASER
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  • Painting
    Using the electrodeposition coating method, the product is put into the paint and the outer plate and the inside are evenly painted. It consists of water washing, coating, electrodeposition, and drying. Electrodeposition capacity is 9Ton, it takes 3 hours per conveyor, and black coating is performed. It has excellent anti-rust property, uniform thickness of the coating, and excellent edge finish due to the use of high-edge paint.
    Electrodeposition coating line