R & D

R & D status

Established an Industry-University-Institute global network with Korea Automobile Research Institute, Daegu Gyeongbuk Automobile Parts Promotion Foundation, Hyundai Motor Group Research Institute, Multimatic (Canada), Kyungpook National University, and Daegu University

Cooperation network

  • Government-funded research institute

    Development of lightweight and high rigidity swivel mechanism seat frame for autonomous vehicles and 51 other cases
    ㆍCooperation Institution
    Gyeongbuk Hardy Breed Components Research Institute
    Gyeongbuk Techno Park
    Korea Automobile Research Institute
    Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
    Daegu Gyeongbuk Auto Parts Promotion Foundation
  • Hyundai Motor Group Research Institute

    Injection type lumber support (19)
    Lightweight cushion frame (17)
    Link-removed trunk lid hinge for cost reduction (17)
    Tailgate Hinge Bush (16)
    Seat back frame laser welding technology (16)
    And 17 other cases

  • Industry

    ㆍtechnical cooperation
    Active hood hinge technology (Multimatic, 13)
    Active Hood Hinge Actuator Technology (Takata, 13)
    Torsion Bar Type Door Checker (Multimatic, 13)
    ㆍTechnology transfer
    Trunk lid hinge facility technology (Multimatic, 14)
  • University

    ㆍExternal Network Enhancement
    Use of experts and exchange of technology
    ㆍExpert training
    Nurturing experts through education and seminars linked to research and development at university research centers
    ㆍTechnology acquisition
    Secure technology by organizing R&D consortium

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property rights 68 cases in Korea and 12 overseas applications

How to secure key intellectual property

Secure own intellectual property rights through internal and joint R&D rather than outsourcing R&D